Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Oh Happy Day!

Monday, 15 May 2017

Dear family and friends,

Hey y'all! What a happy day it was! The wonderfullest time of the year when missionaries get to talk to their families! :D (And what a joy it was! :))

And guess who surprised me that same day before I Skyped home? My Uncle Aaron!! :D It was epic! He showed up at church and I got to spend some time with him there! So fun!

Anyway, on to the joyous occasions of missionary work!

Life as someone who has a short time left on her mission is very... interesting. I've had my fair share of ups and downs. It's definitely a normal thing. I love it here. I LOVE my mission. And I especially love the Lord! This has been a big opportunity for me to learn how much I love my Savior. Each day it is put to the test as I go out and serve. Sometimes, I feel the pressure of the adversary. Sometimes, I have a hard time discerning the Spirit. And sometimes, I fail to see the good. But as I seek to rely on the Lord, He helps me through it. I testify of that. The Lord is there and He will carry you through ANYTHING as you rely on Him!

We taught early-morning seminary on Thursday and it was so great to see the dedication of these youth. In Utah it's very different. Frequently youth have the option of attending early-morning, or seminary that is later in the day. But the youth here have only one option, and that is early morning. It was even hard for me to get up since it was earlier than I'm used to!

But as we taught them, I saw them light up. I could see how they were taking it in and a lot of them were applying it to their lives. We taught about Revelations 12 and 13, and how Satan is warring amongst us every day. He is trying his hardest to destroy the light and joy that we have within us. 

Elder Klebingat of the seventy spoke during Stake Conference a few weeks ago about how to conquer that battle, and we were able to apply it to our lesson.

He said, "Avoiding temptation is easier than resisting it."

Resisting temptation is like using a sword. Avoiding it is like using a shield. A shield protects. This is what we need to defend against the "fiery darts of the wicked". The more we seek to use the shield of faith, the stronger we become!
​ (See Ephesians 6:11-17)

​Ray of Sunshine!
-We went to see Miss Dee, one of our amazing investigators. Instead of the regular, "I still gotta read that book. I jus' haven't had time" (referring to the Book of Mormon), she told us that SHE'S BEEN READING IT! She pulled out her book and showed us the parts that she's been marking. It was so special! She read a big part of 3 Nephi and it was amazing to see how much she loved it! She had a happy glow about her. :) Miss Dee is progressing and as she is, I am seeing her become happier! ​

Y'all, this gospel is true. I has to be. How else would we find pure joy? As we learn of our Savior, we find that pure joy. As we apply what we've learned, we are able to keep that joy. As we share what we've learned with others, our joy overflows and others are filled with it too!

Think of that. We have so much joy to share with others! :)

My invitation to y'all is to share your testimony with someone of how knowing and living the gospel has brought you joy.​ You can do it in person, or you can do it on social media, or you can write a letter to someone about it. I testify that as you do this, you will be filled with a renewed sense of joy. You will come closer to the Savior. And you will bless the lives of many! :)

Keep smiling, and have an amazingly blessed week full of joy! :)

District photos!
From left to right:
Me :)
Sister Plehn
Elder Nguyen
Elder Finney
Elder Moa
Elder Brede
Elder Speak
Elder Oyewole

EPIC HATS! We stole them from the elders haha ;)

#rebels ("swimming")


Mosquito bites... yikes. They're getting worse!???

Photo shoots! Yaaas!

Fun at Newnan Square and railroad tracks!


This was our zone picture from a few weeks ago! :)

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