Wednesday, June 21, 2017

LIMBO (But It's Okay ;))

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Dear family and friends,

I feel... weird. Like I'm in limbo all the time. Life is amazing, God is good, and the gospel is so true! So why feel so weird?

We've been working hard and doing our best to assist the Lord in this great work. But something I've noticed about my last transfer is that I just feel weird all the time. I don't really know how to explain it. I love my mission and I'm so happy. But I'm also feeling ready to go home. #trunky ;)

But really. There comes a time to move on. God has helped me along this incredible journey, and now He is slowly transitioning me into a new one! 

This has been an incredible journey. I love what I've learned (and the things I'm still learning)! I love my companion (#greeniefire)! And I truly love the Lord. He is so good. 

This gospel is true! I have seen it bless and change lives! This past week, we were able to visit with Jerrie, a headquarter referral (I think I talked about her last week). She is so amazing! We were bold in inviting her to church, and guess what?! SHE CAME! Finally, after what seems like ages, someone came to church!!! :D

And it was literally perfect timing. We were asked to sing a trio in sacrament meeting ("Come Thou Fount/If You Could Hie To Kolob" medley), and Jerrie was a little late in arriving. At first, we didn't think that she'd show up. But then she texted us in the middle of sacrament saying that she was on her way!! She arrived just before we got up to sing. God has incredible timing!!

It was interesting to see the difference in her as we walked with her to her car (she had to leave early). Before, she had looked nervous. But as she was leaving, there was a sense of peace about her. She was calm and was filled with light. It is amazing what church does for us, even if we just come for a short time. 

Jerrie didn't stay the whole time, but I know that even in that short time she was changed. She was filled with the Spirit, and she could feel of God's love for her! 

That is the blessing of coming to church. Every time, we will be filled with God's love, for He is proud of our efforts to follow Him. He wants us to be happy and to feel the joy of the gospel. He does this through our faithful efforts, and through the Holy Spirit. As we seek to fill our lives with the light of the Savior, we will be lifted. We will be freed. And we will find peace. I testify of that!

My invitation to y'all is to go to church this week with sincere, real intent. Go with a question in mind. Go to help others. I testify to you that as you do this, you will receive the guidance you are seeking, and you will find peace of heart and peace of mind. That is a blessing of the gospel! :)

Keep smiling, and have a blessed week. STAY STRONG! :)

Happy reunions! And matching skirts haha ;)

PUPPIES!! And misc fun :)

Puppies, daisy chains, and what I really look like when I get home from a long, amazing day! ;)

Newnan square--Churches are on every corner!

The Shifferts! (My adopted family)

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