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Monday, 8 May 2017

Dear family and friends,

This week was GOLDEN! We saw so many miracles!! One thing after another. 

Copy and paste from my email to the president (sorry it's another copy and paste--I'm almost out of time).

We received two HQ referrals that requested copies of the Book of Mormon. How amazing!! We were shocked and thrilled! We scheduled days to visit them and both were so amazing. T, the first one, told us that her son was marrying a Mormon and his fiancee called her. The first thing she said was, "Hi, I'm ___. I'm a Mormon." She shared her testimony of the Book of Mormon with her and T could tell that it was something special. So she got curious and ordered one! We were able to talk to her about how the Lord loves her and the Spirit was so powerful. She said that for the longest time she had a hard time doing the Lord's will, but she knew that she needed to. She was feeling discouraged. But once we talked with her, she was able to recognize that God loved her and He was there to help her along the way. She recognized that there was truth in what we were sharing and she was eager to learn more!

Then, later this week we went to see J, the other referral. And it was another powerful visit!! She explained to us that she has been to our church before for a baptism that her Mormon friend invited her to. She had heard a lot about Mormons and she was curious to learn more. But the most amazing part is she told us her story of how she hit rock bottom (and I mean ROCK BOTTOM--think drugs, alcohol, depression... you name it. It was rough). She explained that during that time, she met her husband, and he helped her to pull out of it! From there the recovery process took time, but she began to realize more and more how God's hand was in her life. She turned to Him. And she was healed!  Before we came, she had asked for a priesthood blessing (after we explained what it was to her), so the elders came over shortly after we arrived. The blessing was powerful and the Spirit was so strong. It was beautiful! I could see the gears turning in J's mind as she processed what she had just experienced. It was such a touching experience! She is so golden and ​she said she would be baptized!! She also told us that she is coming to church this Sunday!! We are so excited!

​Y'all. This is the Lord's work. This is serious business. There is so much joy to be found as we follow His will and forget ourselves! I love being a missionary. I love Georgia. I love these people. And most of all, I love the Lord!

My invitation to y'all is to be bold in telling others who you represent! ALL of you represent the Savior, Jesus Christ, in one way or another. Help people see that. Share your testimony frequently, even to members. Everyone needs it. You have a light within you that needs to be shared! So, "Let it shine"! :)

Keep smiling, and have a blessed week. Y'all are AMAZING!! :)​

Mr. Personality! "The Promoter of All Things Positive"

He stands on the sidewalk and waves at people and smiles! He always has a crazy outfit on and a rose in his mouth. He also has a sign that says, "Honk if you love Jesus" and things like that! 
He is the best!! :)

District service at Bridging the Gap! It was so fun! :)

We had a ward game night and GUESS WHAT? We played Basketball!

Yes, I, Sister Eggett, played Basketball. I may have failed miserably, but hey--at least I got it in once! ;)

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