Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lots of good-byes

Sleepy selfies... :)

Sister Williams. :) I love her!! :D

The Beardsleys and Wallaces!! I love them! :D

Goose crossing! :D

The Wiblins! I love them!! :D

PS Ignore the blinking faces. Oops!

Sister Jones and Peyton! I love them! :D

The Clements! I love them! :D

Guchi! I love her! :D

The Obuba family! I love them! (Sister Obuba is the one who gave me Mormon wine. ;))

Dube! I love him! :D


18 July 2016
Dear family and friends,

After spending almost eight months in Lost Mountain, I am officially getting... TRANSFERRED!! I found out Saturday evening. Then, this morning, I got a call from President Foote, and guess what? I'm also a Sister Training Leader!! I am so excited!

The past two transfers have been amazing. Sister Archer has been a fantastic companion, and I will miss her a lot. I've loved seeing her blossom and grow! She will be staying here in Hiram (that's the new ward now), and I am excited to see where this next transfer takes her! She will do so well!

This past week we've basically lived in a "happy, timeless bubble where Lost Mountain still exists". :) It's been crazy adjusting to everything with the boundary changes. Most of our investigators are now in new areas, so we will have to pass them on to new missionaries. We will miss them.

Well, life is beautiful! Just gotta remind y'all of that!

My invitation to y'all is to pray for service opportunities. And then go out and serve! It will bring peace into your life, especially if you are struggling with something right now. I know it will help you! Remember, "Get on your knees and pray. Then get on your feet and work!" That applies to everyone, not just missionaries! Y'all are amazing!

I love y'all! Keep smiling! 

(And don't get drunk... hehehe!) 
PS That is not real wine... just in case y'all didn't catch that in the picture. A ward member gave it to me as a farewell present! She always gives the missionaries "Mormon Wine" to enjoy on their last day in the area. ;)

Boundary Changes, Speculations, and just plain fun!

(These pics were sent to us on 11 July)

We've been visiting a lot of ward members lately, since... THE BOUNDARIES CHANGED!!! Lost Mountain Ward no longer exists. Yesterday, they rearranged the stake boundaries of two stakes, and it was chaotic! Lost Mountain Ward, along with 6? others were all dissolved and no longer exist. Now there are new wards, and we are temporarily the Mableton sisters. But we're going to pretend that nothing happened (as missionaries, anyway), and keep doing what we were normally doing, because transfers are in two weeks

On the 20th is when we find out what happens next! Sister Archer and I feel like there is a big change happening with our area soon. I think both of us are going to leave and Sister Archer is going to either Sweetwater or Peachtree City. And we think that the area will be whitewashed, meaning that two new missionaries will take over, instead of just a new companion coming in while the other knows the area. But that's just speculating, and as President Anderson (the Stake President) said, "Let the speculating begin!" ;)

This picture is of the Sears family. Sister Sears is amazing! I love her! :D

The awkwardness of this photo... But it was fun still. We had a blast with the Woods. :D This is Jessa (Sister Wood didn't want to be in the picture that day because we got messy earlier when we cleaned the basement). :)

Sister Archer... Always apologizing even when she doesn't need to. ;) I love her! (Haha we have fun with sticky notes... a little too much fun...)

Our table. In the mornings. All the time. Sticky notes EVERYWHERE, or else... we forget. A bajillion things. Yep!

Pwetty flowers! Pwetty sky! :D

CASTLE HOUSE! There are several in Powder Springs. And they're spectacular! :D This one is by the Sears' house. :)

Boundaries And Kittens And Flusterated... Oh My!

Monday, 11 July 2016

Dear family and friends,

Wow, what a chaotic Sunday we had! The ward boundaries changed. Everything changed. Lost Mountain no longer exists. And now we're the Mableton sisters. It's crazy! Here's a little snippet of what I shared in my letter to my mission president about it. :)

I'm just really happy right now. :) Yesterday was chaos with all the new boundary changes, but the whole time I felt the powerful witness of the Spirit testifying that these changes were inspired. I am so thrilled to see the changes that will be coming. There will be more unity, more strength within the wards, and the Lord will continue to hasten His work! Everything keeps happening so quickly, and I can feel the power of the Lord guiding His children to do His will. He has had a HUGE hand in this change! It is so amazing, and I look forward to see the beautiful Zion that comes from it.

​Another adventure--we picked up two adorable kitten friends (an orange one and a Siamese) from an investigator and took them to Mama Jones to keep. It was... interesting... to say the least. Needless to say, we got them there safely and the kittens are cute as ever! :)

"Flusterated!" -Mama Jones
This is the exact word that Mama Jones used to describe how she was feeling when she found out about all the craziness with the boundaries! It was hilarious to hear the Southern accent with this fun word. :D

Anyway, this week has been quite crazy, ever since we found out about the changes that would be happening soon. Yep. It's been fun!

My invitation to y'all this week is to try something new! Try saying something new (like y'all... hehehe), eating something new (Southern food... hint hint), or doing something new. Just change things up and get outside of your comfort zone! Our Stake President helped us to remember that change is a good thing. It helps us to stretch and become stronger individuals. We learn to rely on our Savior more when big changes happen.
I know that y'all will find joy as you seek to try out new things. Sometimes, stepping outside of your comfort zone helps you to see and learn to appreciate the good things in life.

Remember that y'all are amazing and can do hard things. I love y'all very much! Keep smiling and sharing the light that y'all have! :D

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Independence Day Pics!!!

This is at one of the forested places that Sister Archer and I always call "Fairy Tale Forests". :D

The Fairy Tale Forest. :) Georgia has breathtaking scenery!

Independence Day outfits! :D

Independence Night! We spent it with Mama Jones, and had so much fun!! :D

Sister Helsing! We visit her every Sunday! :) She's so sweet! :D

Georgia Peach Gals! We each had fun trying on the Georgia Peach leaf crown! ;)

PS Selfies with Mama is the funniest thing ever! :D


It was delicious (and home grown at Mama's)!

Monday, July 18, 2016

He Will Carry You

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Dear family and friends,

I'll be perfectly honest. This past week was really hard. I felt like everywhere I went, the Lord was trying my faith. And at times, I nearly gave up. But something really important that I've come to realize is that Christ carries our burdens. 

Independence Day was one of my Dad's favorite holidays. He passed on the day after, so it's been rough trying not to think about it. Yesterday, after a long, hard morning of battling depression, I was prompted to pray. I knelt down and prayed for a long time. I poured my heart out to Father. I was reminded of something that we have been sharing with others everywhere we go--the Savior carries our burdens. He went through everything for us so that we can experience joy in this life. He gave His life so that we can have life! He made it possible for families to be reunited eternally! There will be hard days, but as we seek to follow our Savior and remember His Gift to us, we will be able to be freed from our pains and afflictions. 

Yesterday, the Savior carried my burdens. He lifted them, just like Alma and his people in Mosiah 24:14. The Lord will ease our burdens even so that we cannot feel them. I testify of that. No matter what we are struggling with, no matter how frustrating, painful, exhausting, or burdening, our Savior will free us. He will give us strength to do all things. I know that as we turn to Him and rely on the One who gave us all, we will be freed, and we will be filled with an overwhelming sense of peace. He will bless us as we seek Him. <3

Another thing that I've learned is that as we go forward with faith, even through the hard times--especially through the hard times--we will be guided to those who are prepared to receive the message of the Restoration. Despite the trials that we experienced this past week, we went forward with a prayer of faith, asking Father to guide us to those who would be ready to hear the message of the Restoration. And so far, we have found three families, and we talked to an investigator recently who wants to take all five lessons!

I testify that as we seek to move forward with faith and endure to the end, we will find success. The Lord literally will pour out blessings upon us!

​My invitation to you this week is to develop more faith in Christ. Seek to apply His Atonement--that incredible Gift that He gave to us--to your life. He will strengthen you. He will comfort you. "I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you." (John 14:18)
The Savior is there for you. He will carry you through thick and thin. He will lift your burdens and make them light. He loves you!

Y'all are amazing. Remember that! You are loved! Keep smiling and remember who you are! <3​

Sister Eggett :)