Wednesday, June 21, 2017

And The Adventure Continues...

Monday, 12 June 2017

Dear family and friends,

Man alive, I love my mission!! This has been such an amazing experience! I am so thankful for the time I have left to serve. I know that there are miracles ahead!

Last week I shared how Jerrie is on date for baptism. I have seen the attacks of the adversary lately as she's been preparing. IT MAKES ME SO MAD!!! Jerrie is so amazing and I saw so much progression in her. It's been frustrating to see what the adversary does when we give him just a tiny bit of space. Jerrie's health has been really bad lately so we haven't been able to meet with her. She wasn't even able to come to church because of the pain. But things will work out!

We had the privilege of going to a Marvin Goldstein and Vanessa Joy concert fireside yesterday, and while they were speaking, the Spirit helped us to receive guidance for Jerrie. Brother Goldstein is a Jewish convert to the LDS Church. He shared his story with us about how he found the Savior. It was a loooooong process. He told us he went through over 40 sets of missionaries before he finally found the Savior and joined the church. One of the things that he shared is that he has hand many back surgeries and he experiences a lot of pain. But every time he does a concert, the pain is taken away. He explained that "The Spirit is stronger than any pain, any heartache, any sorrow, and any trials we may experience." 

This struck me as I realized that we need to be more bold with Jerrie. We need to help her recognize that the Savior will carry her pain and help her through this. And as she is living the gospel in her life (and doing her "spiritual CPR": Church, Pray, Read), she will be given the strength to endure the pain and overcome it!

I am so excited to see where this week takes us. I know that as we are bold and loving in helping others come closer to the Savior, we will find success. We will find joy. And we ourselves will come closer to our Savior!

Y'all, this gospel is true. God loves you. Jesus Christ is our Savior. As we turn to Him, He will help us to find peace and true joy! :)

My invitation to y'all is to seek to have the Holy Spirit more fully in your life. Whether it be by stopping a bad habit that is preventing you from feeling His influence, or whether it be to listen to more wholesome music, or to be kinder to your family members, or something else entirely, the Lord will bless you. As you seek to follow the Spirit, He will guide you and you will find yourself developing a closer relationship with the Savior, and you will no longer need to fear!

Keep smiling, and have an amazingly blessed week full of epic-ness and joy! :) I love y'all!

Friends! (Deer)

And Sister Plehn! :D

The Cox family :)

Isabella and sweet Lauren, who wants to be baptized soon! (In August since they're out of town right now).

The Hoffmans! :)

This is what happens when the elders get ahold of your car while you're not looking... #missionpranks

The Freemans! :)

Sweet Sister Owen :)
She's a Senior missionary in our mission, and she is serving in our ward! I love her to pieces!

I love the South :)

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