Sunday, January 8, 2017

"No Worries"

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Dear family and friends,

"No worries" is a common saying here in GA. It is also something that we should all take to heart! 

Sister Leyba can testify that I am a worrier. I worry all the time! And I'll admit--this past week was hard because it was full of worries.

But you know what? Our worries only make us unhappy. We are here to find joy! Worries are fears. Fear is the opposite of faith. Where does fear come from? The adversary. Those who don't want us to progress and be happy and find joy. 

So guess what? Give the adversary a punch in the face and show him who's boss! (haha now I'm sounding like my companion)
We are in charge of our thoughts! When we start to get into that downward spiral, we can pull ourselves out of it! We are stronger than we think we are. 

And guess what else? We have a whole host of angels cheering us on! 
Elder Holland said recently, "Heaven is cheering you on!"
This is so true. This is something that I've been learning. No matter what we face in life, no matter how many things change, no matter what stands in our way, we have Someone who will help us through it all.

And that Someone is the Savior. Our Lord Jesus Christ.

As we turn to Him and trust in Him, He will guide us through ANYTHING!

My challenge to y'all this week is to make a habit of doing your spiritual CPR. Attend Church regularly, Pray sincerely daily, and Read the scriptures! As you do so, you will find yourself drawing closer to the Lord. You will also find your worries slowly fading away. I know mine have. :)

Keep smiling, and have a blessed week. Remember that heaven is cheering you on! (And I am too :)) I love y'all! 

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