Monday, January 9, 2017


Monday, 9 January 2017

Dear family and friends,

A few years ago, Georgia experienced a big ice and snow storm that they called the "Snow-pocalypse" because it was so crazy. When it snows in GA, it's a big thing because snow only comes on a rare occasion (maybe once or twice a winter). No one is prepared for snow, and so the roads become chaos. The reason it is so bad when we get snow here, is because normally everything freezes. So everyone and everything shuts down because we can't go anywhere. 

Because of the Snow-pocalypse, every time a winter storm is predicted, everyone makes a big deal out of it. 

This year, we had an ice-pocalypse. It started raining on Friday, and the temperature started dropping rapidly. By that evening, it was so cold that the rain began to become sleet and it was freezing on the trees. The next morning, everything was frozen. 

So, we happened to be at a member's home for dinner when all this happened. ​And because the roads were so slick, we ended up staying there for a while!

​After everything finally melted (two days later), we were finally able to drive around. So, Sister Shaffer (the member who hosted us at her home during the ice storm), took us ​to the hospital ​that she used to work at​. We went to visit a member who was stuck there for a while in rehab, and ended up talking with two of the nurses. Sister Shaffer immediately started talking about the Book of Mormon and was really bold with them! She's bringing them their own copies today with her testimony in them! It was pretty amazing! :) She is a convert of several years now, and she still has the convert fire in her! She's amazing!

​Despite the cold weather, there can still be a fire burning within us, just like Sister Shaffer. :) We have each been blessed with the light of Christ, that fire that burns within. It is up to us to share that light with others!

My invitation to y'all is to share on social media about someone who ​shared the light of Christ with you. Talk about what they did to brighten your day! :)

​Keep smiling and have a blessed week! Y'all are amazing and deserve to smile! :)​


Sister Leyba cookie! And look who she's holding hands with... uh oh! Peter Pan!

And the other ones are Cookie Monster and Elmo... #creepy

Our little gnome friends! :)
The fat one is Gordon and the other one is Grumpy George. :D
(A ward member made these for us!)

More Christmas friends! :)

-We found a big, open field and had some fun on a freezing windy day! :)
We had fun running in the open field and by the end our fingers and toes were frozen, but we were laughing! :D

Fishie cookies! :D
"What do you call a fish with ten eyes?"
"A Fiiiiiiiiiish!"


Our "snow" ;)

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