Sunday, January 8, 2017

Merry Christmaaaasss!! :D

Monday, 19 December

Dear family and friends,

Say whaaat? Christmas is this Sunday?! December flew by (as do most of the months...). We have been contacting like crazy and sharing the #LightTheWorld initiative with everyone. It is so fun to share the true joy of Christmas with everyone we come in contact with!

On a district call we had recently, we were asked to share one thing that brings us joy in missionary life, and I shared that I find joy in talking with everyone!
I used to be so shy and terrified of talking to random people in the streets. (Haha, that's the life of a timid greenie ;)) Now, love it! It is so fun to walk up to someone who is checking their mail (just an example) and say  hello. I love sharing the Christmas video with them and helping them to see the true joy of Christmas! This gospel is so true and it brings so much joy!

Currently we're in "finding mode" and so we went knocking with a young woman in the ward. She said that is her favorite part of going out with the sisters! And it really was a fantastic day! At first, no one answered. 
​Then, w
e ran into someone who wasn't interested. And then, we knocked on a door, were starting to leave (because no one answered), and Sister Leyba heard something so she turned around just in time to find Odell! 

As soon as we said that we were missionaries, Odell invited us in. She didn't even wait for us to explain ourselves! We were blessed with an opportunity to share about the Book of Mormon with her and she immediately took it. She kept looking at it and at a card we had given her, and it was touching to see her as she did so! We now have a return appointment with her and we're so excited to see her again! :)

​Y'all, the gospel is so true! I know it! I know that it changes lives! It helps us to find joy even in the hardest of circumstances! I testify of this with all my heart that the Savior​ lives! He loves us! He knows us individually and personally! His Atonement is there for all of us, to carry us through ANYTHING! 

My invitation to y'all is to seek to apply the Atonement in your life. Reflect on what the Savior has done for you, especially as you are nearing the special and sacred time of His birth. He truly is the reason for the season. I testify that as you do so, you will begin to see life from a different perspective. You will begin to experience true joy. Joy that can not be explained, because it is so wonderful!

I love y'all. I love this Christmas season. And I especially love my Savior.
Keep smiling, and have a blessed Christmas!

Christmaaaas! :)

(Don't'cha just love our little baby Christmas tree? :))

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