Sunday, January 8, 2017

Christmas From Mexico

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Dear family and friends,

WE ATE GRASSHOPPERS. Yes, real, fried... grasshoppers.

...And they actually tasted good!!

The day after Christmas, we went knocking and met this adorable Mexican family who invited us in! They were having a Christmas dinner which consisted of homemade tamales, "punch" (a tea-like drink with fruit), and fried grasshoppers! Sister Leyba insisted that one of them eat a grasshopper to show us that they were actually doing it (haha), and instead, we ended up eating them!

It was so fun to become a part of a cute Mexican family Christmas for that night. :) They even took pictures with us and our pictures will be put on their gargantuan photo wall! :D (literally every inch of the wall was covered with family pictures!)

I love crazy mission experiences. And I especially love the culture here. It is so diverse and the people are AMAZING!

Another ray of sunshine! Our mission president advised us to pray for a family to teach, and so we've been doing so. And guess what? Just a few days after we began praying for a family, we found THREE! :)

God is good. Christmas is amazing. Our Savior is amazing. 

Y'all, this gospel is true. I  hope you know that. If you don't, my invitation to y'all is to pray for a knowledge of the truth. Pray that God will  help you see the joy and truth in this gospel.  If you pray with a sincere heart and real intent, He will answer you! (See Moroni 10:3-5 in the Book of Mormon).

Keep smiling, and keep sharing that wonderful Christmas spirit! Y'all are amazing and I love you! :)

Service at Fay's house! :)


Our cute little Christmas tree and presents :)

Christmas pjs and pineapple socks! :D :D :D

Happy little Elves sharing the Book of Mormon!

I'm a rebel...I'm standing where it says, "no standing"!

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