Friday, September 9, 2016

Pineapples are still a Thing!

Last district meeting with Elder Barton as District Leader. Everyone else is still here! Crazy... The missionaries in our zone all stayed almost the same. All the sisters that we worked with as STLs last transfer are still here!

From left to right:
Elder Esplin (the new DL)
Elder Cranny
Elder Barton
Elder Turner
Sister Gardener
Sister Hansen (yes, I'm in her district again! Yay!)
Sister Benedetti

This is my kind of junkmail! ;) Just kidding... We get things like this all the time! It's hilarious!


From left to right:
Me :)
Sister Benedetti
Sister Larson (she's super tall!)
Sister Curtis

I love them! Exchanges are amazing! :D

Mission life is the best! #Pineapplesunglasses :D

Amazing ward member, Melody! She is fantastic! We had a fun teamup with her!

Fun times! This is from two weeks ago when we were at the Batman birthday party! The Ramirez's are amazing! :D

Here's what Sister Ramirez said:
Thanks for coming to the birthday. It's great to see two sisters working as "The Dark Knights" in disguise. :)

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