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Monday, 19 September 2016

Dear family and friends,

Once you read the rest of this email, you'll know why I titled this email, "Miracle Week"! This week was literally FULL of miracles! 

Sometimes, I feel like the Lord blesses us way more than we deserve. We are all human and make mistakes every day, but the Lord still pours out His blessings upon us, because He loves us!


On Wednesday, we went on exchanges with the Jonesboro sisters. I went with Sister W. Right after our dinner appointment, we were headed out and realized that we were late for our next appointment. So we quickly pulled over and texted the sisters to ask for the phone number so that we could call and make sure it was still okay to come. 
As we were waiting, we were like, "We don't want to just sit here and waste time. Let's go talk to that lady!" (Who had happened to be outside her house just in front of where we parked.) So, we got out and greeted her, and she immediately ran away from us into her house. We were about to head back when we decided to go knock some doors instead. So we prayed and felt like we should go left--towards the woman's house. Just as we were walking to go knock across the street, she walked out again and asked if we were Jehovah's Witnesses. We said no, and we introduced ourselves, which lead into a conversation with her and she was actually really excited to talk to us after that! :) We found out that she had met with missionaries before and she had a copy of the Book of Mormon! We are super excited to meet with her again--she told us that any time we were in the area, we were welcome to stop by and visit! :)

Another miracle that happened as a result of following the Spirit and trusting in the Lord's timing! The next day, we were still on exchanges with the Jonesboro sisters, and we were on our way to our next appointment when the Spirit told us to go talk to a man who was sitting in his truck. We brushed off the prompting, because we were worried we'd be late for our appointment. But the Spirit kept nudging us and eventually, we turned around and talked to him. A few minutes later, a woman came outside and we offered to pray with her, but she said that we could come the next day to pray with her. (By the way, when we got to the appointment finally--late--it turned out fantastic! And she had a friend there who was really interested in learning more!)

On Friday, we went to go see Cassandra (the woman who told us to pray with her the next day). We knocked and she immediately opened the door! She said, "I thought y'all wouldn't come after all! I was waiting and waiting!" We were shocked and thrilled! As soon as we started talking, she poured out her heart to us. She opened up and starting telling us everything that had been going wrong in her life. She said that she had been searching for something that would help her become free from all of this chaos. We prayed with her, and immediately, her spirits brightened. She smiled, and she was so excited about what we had to share! We talked about CPR, and invited to her to read the Book of Mormon (found out she has a copy of it, too!), and invited her to church, and she was thrilled to come! She even told us that she hadn't been satisfied with her current church. It was an incredible miracle!

I know that there are so many miracles that come from trusting in the Lord's timing. He is watching over us and providing us all with ways to hasten His work. He is there helping us each day! I am so thankful for this time to serve His children and to represent His Son!

​So, as y'all can see--this week was incredible! I am so thankful for the Lord's tender mercies each day as we go out and serve His children!

My commitment to y'all this week is to fill your home with uplifting music. On Sunday, that was something mentioned in a talk that a sister gave about building a strong family. As we seek to surround ourselves with good, uplifting music (such as hymns and EFY music), we will bring a positive environment into our homes where the Spirit can reside!

​Keep smiling! I love y'all! 

PS This picture is from exchanges with the Jonesboro sisters. :)

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