Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Happeee Birfday!!! 20 years old!!!

{Mom's birthday package!}

Happee Birfday! :D Thank you for helping my birthday to be amazing! :D

I's a pretty princess! :D

(Sister Benedetti bought me an Elsa crown to wear at district meeting! And she got a princess crown, too, so we were Anna and Elsa ;))

Sister Benedetti spoiled me! She made me a chocolate French cake and it was tasty! :) She also surprised me with a bunch of random things throughout the day. It was a fantastic birthday! :)

{Notice the message on the side of the front pizza}


{Mom's note}
I saw on Facebook that another Mom sent Pizza to her missionary son on his birthday and I thought, 'What a fantastic idea!  I wanna do that too!'  So I contacted her Mission President to see if he could help me send it and still keep it somewhat of a surprise.  He told me that they would be home the day after her birthday at 1 to receive the pizza, and gave me her address.  The address he had on file was incorrect though, so the pizza delivery guy knocked on the wrong apartment door.  He called me and we talked about options and for what seemed like an hour, I was on the phone back and forth between the pizza parlor, the delivery guy, and the Mission President.  It was a MESS!!!  Ultimately though, the pizza place made NEW pizzas for these amazing Sisters, with the explanation that they wanted ME to have a good impression of the people of Georgia!!!  And to top it all off, they kept saying, "yes ma'am, and no ma'am"!  I LOVE it!!!  The people of Georgia really are amazing!  And then they delivered them to the girls!  Carmody still eats Gluten Free whenever possible, so I made sure that she had her own gluten free pizza and a regular pizza for her companion!  Since it was about 2 when the pizzas arrived, they were HUNGRY!!!  But...since it was really that confusing, I won't be attempting that again for any of my other kids when they are on missions.  I'll just send gift cards if I want them to have special food!!!

Georgia skies. :)

Tastee French Foods! This is a common French snack. (The meat is kind of like Beef Jerky, only way better!)

"You're the Pineapple of my eye!"

Yes, I got to wear a pineapple apron for a service project! YAAAS! :D

My attempt at showing what my shoes look like after wearing them for a loooong time every day. The toes are worn out so much that there are holes now! Haha, mission life is the best! :D

Our friend Manley! (And Sister Rasor) :)

We've been walking him every morning to help Sister Rasor out since she can't very easily (because her shoulder is still healing). It's been fun! :)

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