Friday, April 1, 2016

Open Your Eyes

Monday, 28 March 2016

Dear family and friends,

This week has been so amazing! We've had our ups and downs as usual, but we have seen so many miracles! 

Here are just a few that I shared with my mission president:

Each Monday, there has been the same man at the library that we greet every time we go to email. He is always there, and he always gives us a big smile. Last Monday, I gave him a #Hallelujah card and invited him to watch the video. When I saw him today, I asked him if he had watched the video and he said he did and that he really enjoyed it. We started to talk a bit about Easter, and eventually I asked if he would be interested in learning more. He said that he would! So now we have a return appointment with him this Wednesday! 

It is amazing what can happen, even on Preparation days, when we open our eyes to those around us. God is always placing people in our paths so that we can help them to come unto Christ. He is aware of each step we take, and He will guide us in the directions that He wants us to be.

This past week, we were finally able to contact some people over the phone that we had lost contact with! Tiffany Z, one of the women we were able to contact, was really excited to meet with us. After our first visit this past week, we were able to get a return appointment! She is excited to continue letting us practice teaching the 5 lessons. 
I testify that the 5 lessons approach does work! People are searching for ways to serve. Many people love helping others. They greatly appreciate it when they feel needed. As we reach out to others and ask for their help, they are more open to us sharing more, and they are touched by the Spirit!

​​Update on the weather: Everything is turning green and beautiful! Spring is in the air... and so is pollen. Pollen in GA is everywhere. It coats everything, blows around (making the air look like yellow fog), and gives us allergies. ;) But despite the pollen, everything is so beautiful!

My invitation to you this week is to open your eyes and enjoy God's creations! They are everywhere. Nature is a beautiful gift from God--take the time to appreciate it! I testify that you will begin to be more thankful for the life that God has blessed you with. You will also be filled with more happiness as you look for the good. :)

Keep smiling, and have a blessed day! I love y'all!

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