Thursday, March 24, 2016

The fun side of mission life!

Free ice cream cones at DQ!! Yumness. It made us happy after a long, frustrating day.

The elders surprised us with pizza and ice cream after another long, hard day. It made our night! We were sitting in the car recording miles, and they raced up and dropped it off on the roof of our car and took off running. Then Elder Owens raced back and threw a green apple at us while yelling "Don't get cavities!" and then he took off. It was quite the experience!

The next day, we left plastic Easter eggs full of chocolate (that we had doodled on) all over their doorstep. We also scattered candy and Easter grass and made it look like a nest. Then on the door we left sticky notes that said "You make us hoppy"! It was a fun way to "pay them back"! :)

We did a service project with the Sister Training Leaders (they are currently in a Tri-companionship), which was... interesting... The guys who were "in charge" were drinking beer while we worked, so they were a little rude to us, which was frustrating. But I kept thinking about how they are children of God. I had to remind myself of that over and over again. I was blessed with patience with them despite the frustration, because I kept praying for God to help me feel His love for them. :) 

From left to right: Sister Erekson, Sister Barron, me, Sister Barry, Sister Carpentier.

Ignore the awkwardness of me in the middle. ;) I suddenly felt really tall around them... ;) Plus I'm just awkward in pictures like that. You know me.

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