Friday, April 15, 2016

April Fool's!

Spring is here! Happy (late) Easter!

Weekly planning outside. We set up a blanket on the grass and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather.
The next morning, both of us had cold-like symptoms. Even though we didn't notice it while we were outside, the pollen had attacked us and we had allergy issues! It's crazy how much pollen is here in GA...

I hads an cut on mine thumb. Minion stickers make things a lot more fun!

APRIL FOOLS! We pranked the elders... and had LOTS of fun with it! We "TP'd" their front door. Note the play on words. We cut out paper teepees and wrote on them "You've been TP'd... April Fools! Yaas!" 


...We saran-wrapped their front porch. 

Okay, so it wasn't a mean prank. We had fun with it and made it easy to clean up. ;)

Sunday Sister Selfies! :) We decided to take them in the bamboo that grows near our house. Did I mention that bamboo grows everywhere here?

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