Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Beautiful Spring in Georgia!

Spring pictures at Bethel Gardens (assisted living place that we sing at).

Aren't the flowers in GA beautiful?

More Spring pictures! :)

We had a friend visit our backyard! It was AWESOME! We were only a few feet away from it, and it just sat there staring at us. I think he was showing off. ;)

We went to the temple again with a recent convert, "M"! It was an amazing experience. I got to bring my family names and it was powerful. It was amazing to think about how I am being a missionary for my family, too, as I do these names in the temple. I am helping my family to progress in the gospel!

Guess what we found in our backyard? King snakes! Three of them! This is only one of them, but we found three on our way to our apartment. Don't worry, they are safe. They kill poisonous snakes. This one was eating a lizard. It was actually quite fascinating to watch. And disgusting at the same time. I know, you probably think I'm weird. ;)

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  1. I agree with you about snakes, it is fascinating. Lilies are my favorite flower, beautiful picture of them! If you can't tell catching up on my blog reading