Monday, March 14, 2016

A new companion and their new friend!

This was my last district. From left to right-- Sister Jones (in the front), Sister Barron, me, Sister Stewart, Elder Achter (behind Sister Stewart and me), Elder Flitton, Elder Dickson, and Elder Owens.


Transfers were bittersweet. I miss Sister Stewart. She was an amazing trainer! 

But... this is my new companion!

{Imagine a picture of her new companion with her eyes crossed and a bottle of Sparkling Cider in her mouth, making silly faces.  I was asked not to post that pic, but it gives a great glimpse of how much fun her new companion is!}

Sister Barry is fun-loving, crazy, and adventurous! She is from the ghetto California (but originally from the Marshall Islands).

As you can see, she gives me something to laugh at every day!

Another thing--she was Sister Stewart's companion before me! It made it a lot easier to get to know each other because we had heard about each other through Sister Stewart.

By the way, the bottle in her hands is Mormon wine. Just to clarify. ;)


A tiny glimpse of GA skies. :) They are spectacular!


Sister Selfies! (We were parked and making calls. Being safe drivers. Oh, by the way, I have a TIWI card now! I am the designated driver!! :D)


Sister selfies! (Yes, Sister Barry can move her eyes to do weird things!)


Guess what "friend" we found in our backyard while we were heading into our apartment last night? 

Yeeeeaaauuukkkk!!! It freaked us out. It was huge and disgusting. We thought that it was a baby tarantula, but we're not sure anymore. It was in the middle of the sidewalk and we didn't want to try and jump over it because we were worried that it would try and bite us or something... or move... So we took pictures and then made a plan to get past it. Sister Barry threw a stick at it. It missed. She threw another one at it. It missed. She threw one more. It struck the target and the spider ran into the grass. We nearly squealed, took another picture and then bolted into the apartment.
​Needless to say, we were paranoid of spiders all night.​


We had "non alcoholic beverages" at a Mexican restaurant with a friend from the ward, Ayesha. Tasty and fun! ;) She introduced them to us.

(Mom comment:  The look on her face says, "My companion is a goof!  I'm having such a great time!")


Spring is coming! Sister Barry calls these "Fishie Flowers" because they smell like fish. But they are beautiful!


Spring flowers! :) They are everywhere in GA!

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