Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Amazingness Of Awesomeness Of Everything In Between And So On...

Monday, 22 August 2016

Dear family and friends,

Yep. You got it. This week was epic. We had a BAPTISM to prepare for!! And wow... a LOT of opposition comes before a baptism. SO MUCH happened! We had trial after trial... one person who we had on date for baptism decided she didn't want to be baptized after all. We had to find teamups with members the whole week because we didn't have a car. We were struggling with the opposition of lack of sleep from stress... The list could go on. But things always work out in the end! We feel much better now that the baptism has actually happened!

Here's a copy and paste for y'all of a bit of my week:

What a week!! It was crazy! Last week, we had so much happen that we were ready to crash every night when we got back to the apartment! 

The Lord has blessed us immensely as we've been working on being exactly obedient. 
bedience IS the blessing! I've seen this area grow so much over the past week as we've tried our best to be diligent. We have been working on getting to bed on time, 
(it's been something we've struggled with because of how much we have to do), and the Lord has poured out blessings as we've done so. 

One of the biggest blessings that happened was that we were able to get a car!
​ A​
nd we are SO thankful for it! 
​(Our car has been in the shop for almost 2 weeks. )​
Elder Roner 
​(the vehicle coordinator) ​
called us the night before we went on exchanges with the Conyers sisters, and told us that he had a car for us to pick up the next day. We were nearly leaping and crying in joy when we found out! Needless to say, our prayers were full of lots of gratitude that night! :)

Another blessing that we were given was a beautiful baptism and confirmation. :) Aaliyah, a sweet 9-year-old (the sister of Faith
​, a recent convert)
, was baptized! She looked so beautiful in white. And then, when she emerged from the water, I could see the glow about her! She was so pure and clean. It is amazing what baptism does for each person, no matter what age. :)
It was amazing how things worked out at her baptism. Her parents almost didn't show up for it. But then, just as the baptism was being announced, her parents walked in. They came just in time for the performance of the baptism, and it was beautiful! Her mom was so joyful afterwards. She thanked us frequently and at the end, told us that she loved us. It was amazing seeing the change in her countenance after she saw the joy of her daughter's baptism.
Her confirmation was beautiful as well! So touching seeing her there, with an excited grin on her face. She was so happy. I love the joy that this gospel brings!

​So, there y'all have it. ​My week of crazy awesomeness. Yep. :)

My invitation to y'all is to make your life a happy life. There's a quote that I've put on my planner that serves as a great reminder for me. It says,
"You don't FIND the happy life, you MAKE it." -Thomas S. Monson
The happy life is waiting for you! Keep smiling, keep moving forward, keep being faithful and doing your CPR (church, pray, read scriptures) and you will see great joy and you will make the happy life! :)

Keep smiling and have a blessed week,

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