Monday, August 1, 2016

Big Changes...And Big Miracles!!!

25 July 2016

Dear family and friends,

What a week! Transfers are crazy! 

I am super excited to be a Sister Training Leader! The sisters in my zone are fantastic, and I am looking forward to doing our first exchange tomorrow! :D

Sister Benedetti, my new companion, is fantastic. She is from France, she loves the color pink, and she has three brothers. :)

SO MUCH has happened in just a few short days!! We've been super busy with appointments, getting to know members, and teaching new investigators. 

Here's another copy and paste. ;)

The Spirit has also been a great help here. Sometimes, I shy up and close off because I don't know the people I'm working with, and I worry that I'll mess up what the other sisters have taught them. But then I remember that it's the Spirit that does the teaching, and I'm only the mouthpiece. During the lessons, I have been seeking the Spirit and inviting Him in, and each time, I have felt His presence. Having the Spirit to guide is an amazing blessing! :)

On Saturday, we had a crazy lesson with an investigator (named AJ) and his family. Originally, when we walked in, we were expecting to teach just AJ. None of his family had seemed interested. But then, once we explained our purpose more and helped them to understand that we were Christians, they immediately invited us in! We were then blessed with the opportunity to teach all of them the Restoration, and it went so well! Though it was crazy and sometimes they jumped around on subjects, by the end I could tell that they had felt the Spirit. And all of them wanted copies of the Book of Mormon! It was amazing to see the Spirit working in their hearts as we taught the message of the Restoration. We are given this incredible gift to share the gospel with everyone, and look at the incredible results that come from it! I am so thankful for this opportunity that I have to share the gospel and to be a missionary at this time.

​My invitation to y'all this week is to seek to listen to the Spirit. The Spirit is a great companion that you have been blessed with. He will guide you and He is watching over you! I know that as you seek to live worthy of the Spirit, He will help you, comfort you, and guide you. 

​Keep smiling and have a blessed week! I love y'all! :)​

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