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Monday, 8 August 2016

Dear family and friends,

Yes, you read it right. Over just a few short days, we were able to commit five investigators to be baptized on specific dates! So this week, we have been pretty busy, keeping everyone on track!

Sadly only one of them came to church, so we are still struggling with that. But still--this is a record for us. This has never happened before on my mission! It's like the people are coming to us and telling us that they want to be baptized! The Lord has truly prepared these people. And He has sent them to us so that we can testify of the truth and invite them to take the steps to eternal life. It is incredible what the Lord is doing to hasten His work!

Also, I LOVE being a Sister Training Leader! I get more and more excited whenever an exchange comes along. We swap companions a lot, but that helps me to get to know the other sisters better and to help them, and it helps me realize how much I love and appreciate my companion! :)

There is something special about going on exchanges with the sisters of our zone
​ (the larger area we cover)​
. It always feels like the majority of miracles happen while we are on exchanges. These sisters have great power and strong testimonies! We were blessed with an opportunity to go on exchanges with the Jonesboro sisters this past week, and they went so well! 

On exchanges with Sister Washburn, we got to visit Sister M
​, ​
a member who is preparing for the temple
. This time, while we were talking with her about the temple, she pulled out a vapor cigarette and said sadly, "This is why I haven't been able to go to the temple." We were amazed that she opened up to us about it. This was something we had never known about her! Because the Spirit's presence was in the lesson as we talked with her, we were able to testify to her that through the Savior, she can overcome everything. We testified to her of the importance of keeping the Word of Wisdom, and we helped her to see the joy that comes from repentance. We were then able to give her a Word of Wisdom pamphlet, which she excitedly accepted. It was amazing the joy that came into her countenance as we helped her see that there is hope for her. She lit up and I could see the peace that filled her. I am so thankful for the power of the Spirit. When we have the Spirit with us, He will guide. We are the Lord's servants, here to share the gospel with those who will accept it. As we seek to live worthy of the Spirit, He will guide, and He will reach out and touch the hearts of those we serve.

​Y'all, miracles are happening all over! Everywhere you go, there are evidences of the Lord's blessings! He is guiding us daily to those who are prepared to accept the gospel. To those who are in need of a lifting hand. Look for them. Pray for the eyes to see miracles, and you will!

My commitment​ to y'all is to do CPR--this is a commitment that we extend to everyone to help them come unto Christ. C stands for Church attendance. P stands for prayer. R stands for reading the scriptures. If you do all of them--daily prayer, daily scripture study, and attend church each week with sincere intent--you will see great blessings! You will feel the Spirit testify to you of the truth of these things. You will strengthen your testimony of the truth. And most importantly, you will strengthen (or gain) a testimony of the Savior's love for you!

Keep smiling and remember to do your CPR! It will save your life. Literally. ;)

PS Please send me pictures when you can! Emails are great (thank you for them!), but pictures make things come to life! :)

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