Sunday, August 14, 2016

Shopping and temple and exchanges, what fun!

Last week, Sister Benedetti did a makeover on me! It was quite interesting to see the befores and afters. I prefer no makeup, just 'cause I'm proud to be me and I don't want to hide it! Fun times, though, with Sister B!

We went shopping with an investigator (WHO IS ON DATE FOR BAPTISM NOW!! :D) and she decided it would be fun to steal my camera! ;)


Sister Shaffer! She's AMAZING! :D (She's the one who took us shopping. She does so much for the missionaries! I love how she cares so much about the work!) 

Shopping fun! :D

 GA skies, beautiful as ever. :)

 Someone stole my camera... ;)

 Temple selfies! :D We got to go to the temple with a large group of missionaries this past week.
It was amazing! :)

 EXCHANGES! With the Jonesboro sisters! It was a BLAST! (As usual. I LOVE EXCHANGES!! :D)
This is Sister Washburn, who was my companion for the day. :)

 The other sister is Sister Fennwick. :)

 Group fun! Exchanges are a blast! :D

"YOU ARE SPECIAL!" sticker fun... :D

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