Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Random Fun-ness of pictures!

I've found that drawing is very relaxing. It helps a LOT when I'm stressed! Plus, it's been a while. It felt good to doodle a bit. :) And Sister Archer drew a little cute doodle under mine! :D

Our attempt at catching the crazy rain that we had recently. Notice how soaked we are! You can't really tell that it's raining, but that was after it had downpoured to the point of nearly flooding.

My CTR ring broke! :( Sad day. But it still looks pretty and I know it means CTR still, so I will keep it. Besides, it's unique and perfectly describes me. ;)

Preparation Day activity! We made baby cupcakes and decorated them. Then we brought them to district meeting the next day! :D 

PS We are not claiming to be professionals. ;)

The yumness of awesomeness of lunches! This has become one of my favorite lunches. Lettuce wraps with quinoa and any extra filling desired. SO YUMMIE! (And healthy, too.)

Attack of the most disgusting spider ever! This is after we sprayed it with Raid and freaked out--because it was still moving!! Yeaukk!!! XP Thankfully it died very soon after. But still. Nasty.

Right after a loooong service project. :) We had a great day! (And I mowed a lawn... 0.0)

Sister Selfie fun! Yaaaas!

Awkward selfie photobomb!

Weekly planning can be very long and tiring, so we have to have some fun in between planning. So, this is our new friend! Her name is ROFLOL! She rolls all over the table and giggles. :D

Exchanges! We had a BLAST! :D 

(Notice my cute adorable-ness of monkey friend? He gives me hugs whenever I need them. :) His name is Charlie Boo-Boo.)

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