Sunday, June 26, 2016

Fears to lemonade!

Well, a LOT has happened in only 2 weeks! This is the awkwardness of my last district. It was fun and crazy and... yep. Awesome. :D

From left to right:
Sister Archer
Me :)Fe
Elder Owens (who is now the new District Leader!)
Elder Pettaway (Pretending to be District Leader)
Elder Jenkins (the real District Leader)
Elder Herring

We had a lot of fun! Probably the best memories from this past district was Elder Jenkins' "word vomits" where he gave incredible trainings that went crazy because he was so excited about what he had to share. Sometimes it went over our heads, but they were still really great! :)

Sisters photo! (These were our Sister Training Leaders)

Left to right: 
Me :)
Sister Erekson (she came out with me from the MTC!)
Sister Archer
Sister Barron

We tried to do an "I'm cute" selfie, but I ended up goofing too much and Sister Archer ended up laughing. It was fun, still! :D 
(Yes, the white thing above Sister Archer's head it a plastic fork. For your information, it is my dinglehopper tucked behind my ear and I enjoy it very much. ;))

This is my new friend that greets us every morning in the kitchen when the sun starts shining in! (It's one of those bobble head things that moves when the sun charges it). It reminded me of Daddie (Bob), so I had to get it because of its adorableness!

We decided it was time to take arms and face our fears. With lemons. 

Sister Archer drew this and now it's on our door to see right before we leave. A great reminder!

Lizards. They're everywhere. Sometimes we even find them in our apartment! :D

Sisters Preparation Day! We had a blast! We went hiking at the Sweetwater again with all the sisters in our zone. It was HOT, though! By the time we got back, we were all drenched... :o

This is Chooch, our new best friend! He's been staying with Mama Jones for the past week. :) We've had fun playing Candyland with him and helping Mama out! (He's always creamed me, though. I always start out ahead and somehow, he always beats me! The little stinker... ;))

Mama Jones! :D (Ignore the awfulness of my squinty eyes... I blinked.)
I love Mama! She's probably the one person who has exposed me the most to what a true Southerner is like! She's amazing! :D (And she has the best Southern accent!)

This is what a real life missionary looks like after a long, amazingly successful (but very hot) day. Sunburned. Dead tired. Hair a big mess. Ready for a loooong summer's nap! ;)

This fluffy creature stole my Minion game piece when I was almost to the finish (during Candyland at Mama's)! I was so close... But then this happened. ;) 

(Sorry about the creepiness of his eyes. The flash was weird.)

Georgia skies! The stormclouds that day were spectacular!! :D

Dutch braids! (I am finally figuring it out!) Messy, day two... hairspray works wonders on a mission.

Friend! :)

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