Thursday, June 9, 2016


"IMMA FAERIE PRINCESS!!" ...Is what I have been telling Sister Archer lately. One day I will convince her that I really am one. ;) 

We were walking out of Dollar General and a butterfly glided over and landed on my skirt. Then it just sat there for a while, gently fluttering its wings. Yep. It was awesome. :D
​Butterflies are just faeries in disguise, right? ;)​

I love this. We see things like this everywhere, since the amount of churches in GA are like the percentage of LDS church buildings in Utah. :D

Happy Memorial Day!

Remember to take some time to appreciate all those who gave their lives to support this country and make it the way it is today.

But most importantly, remember our Savior. He has made us into who we are now. He is our Savior, and he loves us!

For a Preparation Day activity, we went to the Threadmill mall, a historic building. It is a renovated threadmill (now a mall), and both the interior and exterior is spectacular. I love historic buildings, and we see them a lot in GA. :)

Some more of the threadmill. You can see the old windows. :) And the floors inside are mostly original. As we walked upstairs, we saw all the marks that the machines had made. It was really neat.


This is only a glimpse of what the apartment looked like by the time I went to bed (past curfew... o.o). I stayed up after she fell asleep and surprised her with a bajillion decorations around the apartment, and then a few presents on the table. It was fun. I loved her face when she woke up. It was memorable! :D We had a great day celebrating it. :)

Missing here is a picture of Sister Archer that was so very cute, with a gift bag upside down on her head.  I think Sister Archer is being shy about it, because she requested that I not post that picture.  I'm sad not to though, cause it's a GREAT picture of the fun they are having!

Opening presents was lots of fun! Plus also, we went to DQ for birthday ice cream. :D

*Please don't post this one publicly. Sister Archer has requested it.* Thanks! :D

"Cute faces" ;)

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