Sunday, June 26, 2016

Life is Beautiful

Monday, 20 June 2016

Dear family and friends,

Well, I'm going to keep saying that! Life is absolutely an incredible, beautiful gift from our loving Heavenly Father! He cares deeply about each of you and will help you through anything. Turn to Him and He will guide you! Be faithful, and He will bless you! He is waiting to pour out abundant blessings upon you!

This past week was absolutely incredible!

1. CHRISTIAN CAME TO CHURCH! I'm sure that y'all have heard about Christian, a recent convert. She hadn't been coming to church for several weeks for various reasons. I was getting really worried about her. But last week we visited with her and committed her to come to church, and after many prayers from faithful members, and diligent efforts from them to help her get to church, she came. It was amazing! Remember that you have incredible influence on others. There are so many people who look up to you! Keep smiling and sharing your love with everyone. There are so many who need that love.

2. We went to visit our new investigators, Kent and Bob, and they are so fantastic! We taught them a bit about our purpose as missionaries, and introduced the five lessons to them. They're both really great guys. Kent has been involved in the military and he is now in a wheelchair. He has a hilarious sense of humor!
Bob is Kent's caretaker and he is also a biker! He is one of those bikers that looks intimidating at first, but he is actually very caring! He has a big heart. 
Both of them have committed to have us come teach them all the lessons, and they are excited for us to come back! It was a great blessing! Tender mercies all over!

3. A general authority, Elder Cardon of the seventy, came to visit our zone this past week. We were blessed with an opportunity to visit with him briefly and shake his hand, and then he spoke to us! 
Beforehand, we had all been asked to prepare a 3 minute talk about what the Lord has taught us about the Spirit on our missions, and so Sister Archer and I came prepared to share them. But then, Elder Cardon asked us to stand up if we were willing to exercise faith at that conference. We all stood (and it was powerful!). Then he proceeded to ask us to set aside all of our notes that we took in preparation for our talks. And then he looked out at the crowd of missionaries. After a few moments, he selected a sister missionary who had only been out for 2 months to come up and speak!
Then, he looked out at us again. And looked right at me. And called me up to share my talk! I was terrified and thrilled all at once. He called a few other elders to come speak, and then we got to share our talks! It was a powerful experience. Our talks were all given by the Spirit, and it was incredible. <3
The conference was a beautiful reminder of the importance of following the Spirit. Wow. It was amazing!

My invitation to you is to focus on the beauties of life. Remember who you are. Remember your worth. Remember that there are people who need your love. Go out and serve. Let your light shine!

You are all so amazing. Keep moving forward! Life is beautiful! I love y'all!
Keep smiling!

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