Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Transfers are bittersweet!

I finally got a picture from Christian's baptism! :)
Brother Bingham is the one who baptized her.

District farewells. You can tell we had fun! This was a district family. I'm going to miss my family! We had so much fun and laughed at every district meeting. :D

From right to left:
Elder Achter
Elder Flitton
Elder Owens
Elder Dickson
(and of course, Sister Eggett and Sister Barry)

I discovered this on my desk. Sister Barry left me a little gift!
She loves Superman and turtles, and we had a lot of inside jokes with them, so that was a fun reminder of our companionship! :) I love Sister Barry and miss her a lot.

I'm TRAINING! :D I'm doing the 2nd half of 12 week training.
Sister Archer is amazing! She is really shy and I'm also what mission lingo terms as a "greenie breaker". I'm working on pulling her out of her shell! ;)

Did I mention that Sister Barry was my greenie breaker and now I'm a crazy monkey according to her? ;) 
Missionary life can be lots of fun. We just have to make it fun! :D

Sister Archer is an artist! She draws all the time! Something she loves to do is draw her companions, so these are her first sketches of me (cartoonized).

Sketches of me again! :) I love watching her doodle. She is really talented!

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