Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pineapples, Geese, and Pick-up Lines!

This sign gave us a good laugh! "Best" pick-up line ever! Haha :D

We had Hibachi! It was tasteee!! :D Sister Rasor took us and we had fun eating sushi and watching our chef play with fire. ;)

PS This was the sushi bar. I got a video of the Hibachi, but it wouldn't let me send it... :(

I's a pretty princess! :D


We fed geese! Real live wild ones! And they walked right up to us! :D It was the best! Seriously made my morning. (Right before General Conference, too!)

This flock of geese visits the Richards (ward members) every morning and evening. It was so fun to see them wandering around and being funny geese! :)

I GOT A BABY PINEAPPLE! Sister Rasor gave it to us! :D SO HAPPY!!

PS Curly hair! Sister Benedetti did it for me. I think I like it! Haha :)

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