Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Busy week!

Monday, 31 October 2016

​Dear family and friends,

I apologize for another copy-and-paste letter for y'all. But here it is!​

I have really come to appreciate the Atonement this week, especially yesterday. It was touching to be able to go from a hard, trying week, and attend Sacrament Meeting to reach out and touch the Savior. I had struggled a LOT this past week with frustrations and annoyances. I was feeling bored and struggling to find joy in missionary service. I was really frustrated with myself because of that. But as I went to church and prepared to take the sacrament, I felt a sense of peace fill me. The night before I had poured my heart out in sincere prayer, asking Father to help me. And as I took the sacrament, I was filled. I felt my burdens lift from off of my shoulders and I felt like Father had forgiven me. It was such an amazing experience and I testify that​ Christ's Atonement is for ALL! 

We have been applying what the AP's​ (assistants to the President)​ taught us in district meeting--to roleplay daily--and guess what? IT WORKS!! It really does! I used to hate roleplaying. I'd always struggled to enjoy it. It was constantly a frustration. But as we started to focus on the needs of our investigators and practice teach the lessons that we would teach that day, we have seen ​their​ promises fulfilled--more people have been home, and we have seen miracles from it! 

​Just a little more to add to my copy-and-paste, haha.


-The members have been more and more excited to work with us here! It's been amazing and we've seen so many miracles from them!

-We finally contacted Jasmin! (Our investigator that was progressing towards baptism... and then we lost contact with her...) She is excited to keep learning more! AND--she wants to share the gospel now! We gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and she's writing her testimony in it and giving it to one of her friends soon! Also, we are now teaching her parents because of her good example! We are excited to see them progress towards baptism, too. :)

-The ward FALL FESTIVAL!! :D It was a blast! And we had a TON of nonmembers there! Jasmin's parents came and had an amazing time, too!

Y'all, the gospel is so true. It blesses and changes lives! 

My commitment to y'all (I know this is a random one) is to visit the website: religiousfreedom.lds.org . And then do a family home evening or something about it! Roleplay situations like what Samantha experienced. It helps a lot! We watched some videos from this on Sunday and it was amazing! Definitely opened my eyes. I know that it will help you as you seek to apply it in your life! 

Keep smiling! Y'all are amazing! I love y'all! :)

Have a blessed week!

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