Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Monday, October 17, 2016

Dear family and friends,

Yep, life is beautiful! It seriously is an incredible gift from our loving Heavenly Father! I am so thankful for this time we have to be on this earth and have experiences in life that help us to grow! God truly is a loving Father!

Weird that transfers have already passed. Things are still the same here in Snellville! :D (By the way, Snellville is pronounced "Snellvull" here in the South. ;))

I seriously love Georgia. The weather is changing and autumn is finally appearing! It is absolutely gorgeous with all the leaves changing color! And the sunsets... WOW! Georgia skies... tre bien!

We had a ward missionary, Sister Greene, with us on a teamup to visit a new investigator, and it was amazing! Sometimes, it's important for us to allow the members to speak (even if it means that they take over the lesson), because miracles come from it! During the visit, we were doing how to begin teaching, and within just a few minutes of getting to know Susan (our investigator), Sister Greene had invited her over to her house for dinner, and she had her phone number to keep in touch! We found out after the appointment that Sister Greene is normally shy about sharing the gospel (especially with strangers), but this time the Spirit kept telling her that she needed to invite this complete stranger over for dinner! And she followed that prompting, which was even more amazing. I am so thankful for the Spirit's guidance in the work! Without Him, we would be lost!

​Well, gotta go. Life is beautiful, y'all. Remember that!

Commitment: Say y'all at least once this week. 

Just kidding, y'all can do that if you'd like. But here's a spiritual one!
Seek to be a member missionary! Just like the general authorities were saying, everyone can be a missionary!​ Reach out to your friends who are struggling. Seek to set a good example for all. Let your light shine!

Y'all are amazing! Keep smiling! I love y'all!

PS Sorry, no pics this time. My camera's broken. :(

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