Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pennies And Rainbows

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Dear family and friends,

Pennies and rainbows? Why those two things?

These are our tender mercies! The Lord is always watching over us each day. Sister Benedetti LOVES rainbows. She says that they are God's reminder to her that He loves her. :)
I love pennies. They have a special meaning to me of God's love for me. So both together means incredible tender mercies!

Despite the storms (spiritual and physical--hurricanes?! We're safe, though), we made it through. Transfer news came on Saturday, and Sister Benedetti and I will be staying here in Snellville--AND we're staying STLs! :D We're super excited to serve the sisters that are in the zone. It has been amazing seeing their progression, and we love them!

Speaking of storms, on Friday, we got to attend the temple! What does this have to do with storms? We drove through the after-effects of a hurricane to get to the temple! But it was the most incredible, touching experience! So beautiful! 

Mama Jones, a less-active sister that I had been working with since the beginning of my mission (from my last area), attended the temple for her first time. It was BEAUTIFUL!

She was glowing and had a beaming smile on her face as we walked into the temple! There were so many angels that day that came to support and encourage her and cheer her one! It was powerful, and such a tender mercy for me because I really love her and it meant so much to me to be able to see her progression. :) She is so amazing and I love her so much!

Another tender mercy--the Lord blessed us with a whole, double rainbow directly over the temple! It was spectacular! I wish I had pictures, but my camera has been wigging out so I couldn't take any. But it is permanently imprinted in my head! :)

Such a powerful experience! And about the pennies--Everywhere I go lately, I've seen pennies. The Lord keeps reminding me of His love. He really does love His children. No matter how weak we are, no matter what trials we may face, He cares. He guides us through them. He is there for each of His children and He blesses us each with a new day! I am so thankful for a loving Father in heaven who cares and helps us along each day!

My commitment to y'all is to look for the Lord's tender mercies. Ask Him to tell you how He feels about you. And He will tell you! He answers prayers, because He loves you!

Keep smiling, keep moving forward, keep on keepin' on! Y'all are incredible and I love you!

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