Monday, December 7, 2015

First Letter!

We received our first email from Sister Eggett today! :)

Hi family and friends!

This entire week has been a HUGE blur of craziness! I am doing well here. The food is good, and they have been very supportive of my dietary restrictions. Also, it's okay to drink the OJ. Trust me, it is!! 

I have been assigned to a tri-companionship. My companions are Sister Foster, and Sister Leyba. Sister Foster is social and fun to be around. She has a beautiful voice, and she shares her smile frequently with us. 
Sister Leyba is a child at heart. She loves those around her, and she is constantly singing!
I love them both. They are amazing!

I had a hard time at first, adjusting to everything. Sundays are my favorite so far. I absolutely love the Sabbath, it is truly a day of rest. ESPECIALLY for missionaries! I had been feeling a bit of anxiety on Saturday, and I received a priesthood blessing from the Zone leaders that evening. After that, things went a lot better. I have learned to reach outward, instead of turning in. It's been a challenge to discover the joys of the MTC, but I have been able to see the amazing things to be learned and shared from this experience! 

The missionaries (elders and sisters) are all fantastic! I love being around them. They lift me up and help me to see the good. They give me things to laugh about. They are my new family. We are truly brothers and sisters in Christ.

I love you all very much.
Keep smiling, and may the Lord bless you!

Sister Eggett :)

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