Tuesday, July 19, 2016


18 July 2016
Dear family and friends,

After spending almost eight months in Lost Mountain, I am officially getting... TRANSFERRED!! I found out Saturday evening. Then, this morning, I got a call from President Foote, and guess what? I'm also a Sister Training Leader!! I am so excited!

The past two transfers have been amazing. Sister Archer has been a fantastic companion, and I will miss her a lot. I've loved seeing her blossom and grow! She will be staying here in Hiram (that's the new ward now), and I am excited to see where this next transfer takes her! She will do so well!

This past week we've basically lived in a "happy, timeless bubble where Lost Mountain still exists". :) It's been crazy adjusting to everything with the boundary changes. Most of our investigators are now in new areas, so we will have to pass them on to new missionaries. We will miss them.

Well, life is beautiful! Just gotta remind y'all of that!

My invitation to y'all is to pray for service opportunities. And then go out and serve! It will bring peace into your life, especially if you are struggling with something right now. I know it will help you! Remember, "Get on your knees and pray. Then get on your feet and work!" That applies to everyone, not just missionaries! Y'all are amazing!

I love y'all! Keep smiling! 

(And don't get drunk... hehehe!) 
PS That is not real wine... just in case y'all didn't catch that in the picture. A ward member gave it to me as a farewell present! She always gives the missionaries "Mormon Wine" to enjoy on their last day in the area. ;)

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