Monday, July 18, 2016

He Will Carry You

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Dear family and friends,

I'll be perfectly honest. This past week was really hard. I felt like everywhere I went, the Lord was trying my faith. And at times, I nearly gave up. But something really important that I've come to realize is that Christ carries our burdens. 

Independence Day was one of my Dad's favorite holidays. He passed on the day after, so it's been rough trying not to think about it. Yesterday, after a long, hard morning of battling depression, I was prompted to pray. I knelt down and prayed for a long time. I poured my heart out to Father. I was reminded of something that we have been sharing with others everywhere we go--the Savior carries our burdens. He went through everything for us so that we can experience joy in this life. He gave His life so that we can have life! He made it possible for families to be reunited eternally! There will be hard days, but as we seek to follow our Savior and remember His Gift to us, we will be able to be freed from our pains and afflictions. 

Yesterday, the Savior carried my burdens. He lifted them, just like Alma and his people in Mosiah 24:14. The Lord will ease our burdens even so that we cannot feel them. I testify of that. No matter what we are struggling with, no matter how frustrating, painful, exhausting, or burdening, our Savior will free us. He will give us strength to do all things. I know that as we turn to Him and rely on the One who gave us all, we will be freed, and we will be filled with an overwhelming sense of peace. He will bless us as we seek Him. <3

Another thing that I've learned is that as we go forward with faith, even through the hard times--especially through the hard times--we will be guided to those who are prepared to receive the message of the Restoration. Despite the trials that we experienced this past week, we went forward with a prayer of faith, asking Father to guide us to those who would be ready to hear the message of the Restoration. And so far, we have found three families, and we talked to an investigator recently who wants to take all five lessons!

I testify that as we seek to move forward with faith and endure to the end, we will find success. The Lord literally will pour out blessings upon us!

​My invitation to you this week is to develop more faith in Christ. Seek to apply His Atonement--that incredible Gift that He gave to us--to your life. He will strengthen you. He will comfort you. "I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you." (John 14:18)
The Savior is there for you. He will carry you through thick and thin. He will lift your burdens and make them light. He loves you!

Y'all are amazing. Remember that! You are loved! Keep smiling and remember who you are! <3​

Sister Eggett :)

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