Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Boundary Changes, Speculations, and just plain fun!

(These pics were sent to us on 11 July)

We've been visiting a lot of ward members lately, since... THE BOUNDARIES CHANGED!!! Lost Mountain Ward no longer exists. Yesterday, they rearranged the stake boundaries of two stakes, and it was chaotic! Lost Mountain Ward, along with 6? others were all dissolved and no longer exist. Now there are new wards, and we are temporarily the Mableton sisters. But we're going to pretend that nothing happened (as missionaries, anyway), and keep doing what we were normally doing, because transfers are in two weeks

On the 20th is when we find out what happens next! Sister Archer and I feel like there is a big change happening with our area soon. I think both of us are going to leave and Sister Archer is going to either Sweetwater or Peachtree City. And we think that the area will be whitewashed, meaning that two new missionaries will take over, instead of just a new companion coming in while the other knows the area. But that's just speculating, and as President Anderson (the Stake President) said, "Let the speculating begin!" ;)

This picture is of the Sears family. Sister Sears is amazing! I love her! :D

The awkwardness of this photo... But it was fun still. We had a blast with the Woods. :D This is Jessa (Sister Wood didn't want to be in the picture that day because we got messy earlier when we cleaned the basement). :)

Sister Archer... Always apologizing even when she doesn't need to. ;) I love her! (Haha we have fun with sticky notes... a little too much fun...)

Our table. In the mornings. All the time. Sticky notes EVERYWHERE, or else... we forget. A bajillion things. Yep!

Pwetty flowers! Pwetty sky! :D

CASTLE HOUSE! There are several in Powder Springs. And they're spectacular! :D This one is by the Sears' house. :)

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