Monday, February 8, 2016

We Will Not Despair

Dear family and friends,

I love the words from the hymn As Zion's Youth in Latter Days,
"Thru test and trial we'll have our fears,
But we will not despair.​"

​There will be days of trial. Hard days that challenge us. Hard weeks, even. Sometimes longer. But through it all, we can stay strong and faithful. Rely on Christ. He will guide you through the misery, the pain, the heartache. He will help you through whatever you are struggling with. Do not despair. Be strong. Be brave. Keep smiling. Things will work out!

​I have seen the joys of serving others, especially lately. We have been working on reaching out to others in service. Serving is one of the most effective ways to share the gospel!​ 

​I told you of Christine, the woman we found on a cold day. The past two weeks, we have visited her and helped her clean/organize her house. We have been blessed with the time to teach her the Restoration as we've worked. She listens intently and loves learning more about the gospel. She is accepting of most of what we share, and she has been touched by our service. Though she has a lot of social anxiety, she has committed to come to church when she builds up the courage. I know that it will be soon, because she is so amazing!

I testify that there is great joy that comes from serving others. God loves it when you reach out and put others before yourself. "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God" (Mosiah 2:17). You are all doing amazing things as you reach out to others!

My invitation to you this week is to open your eyes to the good around you. Look for the good. Be the good. And then go out and serve! You will see great things from your efforts to see the good in the world, and also to BE the good in the world!

You are all amazing. Keep smiling!

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