Sunday, February 21, 2016

Her First Valentine's Day on her mission!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Love, Pineapple!

We had Valentine's Day dinner with a less active family. She is divorced and has a daughter, who is a spunky, fun-loving girl! They are both so fun and amazing. I love spending time with them. It has been fantastic to see them come back to church. They are doing much better and things are finally perking up for them! :)

This was our pretty dinner table for Valentine's Day. :) We had a pasta dish sort of like spaghetti, but with shrimp in it and it was spicier. After dinner we had a fancy dessert of chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. It was so rich and tasty!! :) (Also gluten free :))
​It was fun to spend Valentine's Day celebrations with them. They are fantastic! :)​

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