Friday, January 29, 2016

Snowy-Day Miracle!

25 January 2016

Dear family and friends,

This transfer flew by so fast! I am so thankful for all the people who have helped me to adjust to missionary life. It has been an amazing month!

We went tracting Saturday and saw an amazing miracle from persevering despite the cold! As we went door to door, most people were disinterested. We kept going, but we were getting cold fast, and our feet were beginning to go numb. Finally, when we felt like we were being entirely unsuccessful, we decided to pause and listen. The Spirit told us to keep going. So we did. And after only knocking on one more door, Christine answered. She immediately welcomed us in and told us that she has been going through a really hard time. She has been struggling with major depression and anxiety, and her life has been a wreck because of it. We said a prayer with her, offered service, and comforted her, telling her that Heavenly Father loves her and is always there for her. She told us that we came just when she needed it. 

It was a tender mercy for me to see the blessings that come from persevering and following the Spirit's promptings. We were lead to the person who was desperately in need of our help.

Also, we now have someone on date for baptism! We are so thrilled. His name is John, and he is fantastic! So far, we have taught him the Restoration. Soon we will move on to the Plan of Salvation. Looking forward to it! :)

My mission president, President Foote, said it perfectly:
"See the good in the world! It truly is all around us. We choose to be happy. Get rid of 'stinkin thinkin".

I testify that God's love is extended to all. He is ever reaching out to us, and He is watching over us always. There is always good to be found in this world, despite the chaos that is happening all around us. God will protect us as we seek to do His will. 

My invitation to you this week is to share a smile with ten people every day (outside of your family if you're my family). I promise you that you will see a difference in your day. As you share smiles, they are frequently returned, and you brighten others' days! :)

My prayers are with you. You are all amazing!
Keep smiling and have a blessed day!

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