Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Life is beautiful. :)

Dear family and friends,

Life is so beautiful! It may be cold and gloomy, you may be exhausted, and things might not go according to schedule. But they always work out. Everything happens for a reason. Each day is a blessing. Life is a beautiful, tender mercy from God!

This is something that I have been learning as I have adjusted to the life of a missionary. No one is perfect, and no day is perfect. But each day is a miracle, and we should treat it like such. God wants us to do our best. He wants us to reach out to those who stand in need and lift them up. We can learn the value of life as we learn to be charitable and love everyone.

Tiffany is the biggest miracle of the week. She has had exposure to the Church for some time now (she's a friend of a ward member), but she hasn't expressed a desire to learn more until now. When she found out that I am new to the field, she invited us to come "practice teaching" her! 

So for our "practice" lesson, we taught the Restoration. As we shared the account of Joseph Smith's vision, she said that she got goosebumps from it. She believed that it could happen and said that it made sense. It was a powerful lesson and definitely a miracle! This was probably the best Restoration lesson that I have taught so far, and not because I did well. It was because the Spirit did the teaching!

You are all so amazing. I testify that God is watching over you each day. He loves you so much. His hands are ever outstretched to you. He is so excited when you turn to Him in prayer. He will answer your prayers.

My challenge for you this week is to include one person in your prayers each day, that may be struggling, or in need of a prayer, or for any reason. Pray for eyes to see the people around you who are in need of your help. And then reach out to them in service and love!

I testify that you will see a difference in your life as you do so. You will see the joy that comes from serving others. You will be able to develop charity for others as you seek to love them. 

Keep being amazing, and keep smiling! Have a blessed day.

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