Monday, January 4, 2016

Pictures and a compliment!

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MTC Companions, Sister Foster and Sister Leyba

This is the living room. you can see the desks in the left corner. We have an awesome Christ picture collage on the back wall and it really keeps things happy. :)

This was the greeting at my desk that I received the first day at my new home! Sister Stewart's previous companion, Sister Barry, left it for me. Such a wonderful way to begin mission life! :) All of it was sunshine themed.
Also, the Tigger is from the Nollans. He gives me a fun greeting every day! And the lion is from Sister Barry. :)

PS I don't use this desk much for studies. I usually use the kitchen table.

Tiny Baby Christmas Tree!!

And this is our awesome area map! If you look at the dark green outline, it looks like a Native American Indian. The top half is his head/feathers, and he has a big nose with a sticker-outer chin. The lower half is his neck and chest. Can you see it? He's a fun greeting each day. ;)


I received a text message from her Companion's Mom this morning.  She shared part of Sister Stewart's letter home:

"We met with Claudette on Sunday and had an amazing lesson with her!  Sister Eggett took the lead on the whole lesson and she did so good!  She's such a prepared greenie."

Carmody has done an amazing job preparing herself for this life-altering experience!!!  What a compliment!!!

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