Sunday, April 30, 2017

Livin' It Up And Lovin' It!

Monday, 3 April 2017

Dear family and friends,

God is so good! He really is. He loves us. He is watching over us. He knows our needs, our concerns, our likes and dislikes. He knows when we need a moment to breathe. He knows when we need the little nudge to keep going. He knows our pains. He knows our weaknesses. He knows us perfectly. He is our loving Father. He cares about us! More than we could ever know! I know that God lives. That He LOVES you. Each of you. He knows you personally and He is ever-waiting for the moments that you turn to Him! He loves it when you turn to Him. 

There was a quote shared in Sunday School last week that really struck me. 
"There is a mighty difference between saying prayers and praying." -John G. Lake
Think about it. As we pray, are we just saying words and being done? Or are we having a conversation? God wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives. The more we pray sincerely and take the time to listen, the more we will receive personal revelation (guidance from God) and the closer we will become to Him!

I've noticed as I seek to make my prayers meaningful and involve God more, that I can hear His voice more clearly than ever before. And my prayers become more of a two-way conversation. Not just me saying words and listing of my needs. Instead it becomes a personal conversation, where I share my thoughts and things that I learned, and He answers. He gives me guidance and advice and He talks to me just like a parent would to a child. I know that God truly is our loving Heavenly Father. He is watching over us and as we seek to make our prayers more meaningful, He guides us and answers and helps us to find joy!

Here are some RAYS OF SUNSHINE for y'all to enjoy! :)

-Well, first off, I'm training! My greenie arrived into the mission field on March 28th. Her name is Sister Plehn, and she. Is. Amazing! Wow. She is already on fire! Ready to work hard and ready to embrace the miracles that come from it! :)

-We felt inspired to go to follow up with someone recently. When we got there, she wasn't home. There was a lady outside who was walking her dogs, so we went to talk to her, but her dogs went crazy so we weren't able to. Then, the next day, we were visiting a less-active and she had two friends over. When they were about to leave, we talked to one of them and she said, "I know y'all! I was the lady who was out walkin' her dogs the other day." 
We were so excited! We were able to talk to her for a minute and now she wants us to stop by and teach her! :) God places us in situations for specific reasons. Sometimes it isn't to see the person we had planned to see. But as we look for opportunities to serve and follow the Spirit, the Lord provides!

-After a dinner appointment, we were driving away when the Spirit said, "Pull over and talk to that family." So we did. Immediately. (That's something I've been learning. Follow EVERY prompting you receive, IMMEDIATELY, and miracles come!)  They weren't interested, but we turned around and across the street, there was a guy with a guitar and his girlfriend outside. We asked him if he'd play for us, and so we got to jam out to some epic guitar music (he's super talented!). Then Sister Plehn amazingly tied it into the gospel somehow and we now have a return appointment for tonight! We are so excited to teach them!

-Yesterday, we just felt like nothing was happening. So we stopped, said a heartfelt, specific prayer, and then paused for an answer. The answer I got was to let Sister Plehn decide. So I did. She thought for a moment, and then told me the name of a street that we had been planning on knocking. We drove over there and the Spirit immediately testified that we were in the right place. We pulled over, said another specific, heartfelt prayer, asking God to guide us to someone who was seeking for truth in their life. Just as we concluded the prayer, a man walked over to our car and asked us why we were parked by his house. Sister Plehn immediately explained that we were praying (and why we were praying), and he opened up to us and started asking questions! We were able to touch on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he invited us back to teach him! We are so excited to go back and share the truth of the restored gospel with him.

Y'all, there are miracles out there, waiting to happen. We just have to put our trust in the Lord and be "All in" like it was talked about in General Conference!

My invitation to y'all is to take the time to make your prayers meaningful. Think about what you're saying. Take the time to listen. Have a conversation with God. And then see what happens from there. I know that as you seek to make your prayers more meaningful, that you will develop a stronger relationship with your Father in heaven. 

Keep smiling, and have a blessed week! :)

For mine family :D
(Not the greatest picture, but oh well haha)

Sister Plehn's first week! :D

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